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18 days!

Less than 20 days to go! How exciting!
I admit I got a tickle of thrill the other day when an acquaintance of mine said that he and his family were planning on participating. He'd learned about it from a Myspace bulletin I'd posted. I was tickled because he isn't the "type" of person, of all the people in my circle, that I would have thought to jump on board. He said he was actually excited about it and got his kids all in to it. I know it sounds presumptuous to say he wasn't the "type" of person to do it, but we all know people who fit that bill. They're good people, but there are just those out there who aren't in to the environmental issues and in no way live a life of conservation or even seem to care. So, yes, I was really proud because I touched at least *one* family! I'm pretty sure there are a few others who will join me, but reaching out to someone who I thought was a lost causes, well, now that's something!

Have any of you reached people in the same manner? Has there been someone you were shocked to see get excited about Earth Hour? If so, please do share~!

Todays green tip of the day:
Don't throw away coffee canisters or ice cream cartons. Use them as storage containers.

Wash out empty plastic ice cream cartons or coffee tins and use them as lunchboxes or to store food in the fridge. Other super awesome uses:
- Art Supplies! I use one for a crayon box for the kiddos.
- Store odds & ends in them such as batteries, nails, screws, small toys, make up, pencils, and all those little bits and pieces that normally end up as clutter. We use a coffee tin in the garage for holding miscellaneous tools.
-Use them as plant holders & decorate with a pretty fabric
-Wrap them neatly and use them as gift boxes
-Use them to make a homemade emergency kit to store in your car or at work or to keep handy in the kitchen.
-Cut a slit in the top of the lid and make a piggy bank. If you want to save for something specific make a cute wrapper around it reminding you what you're saving for.

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"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little." - Edmund Burke

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